Go Ye Therefore

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North America

Chris & Liz Lovelace

Ministering worldwide in Bible translation

Francois and Valerie Picard

Ministering in Quebec Canada with SEMBEQ

Missions to Amish People

Joe & Esther Keim


A ministry partner with The Gospel Coalition training pastors and leaders in Quebec for Quebec

Caleb & Ecko Stein

Ministering and training servants leaders in Peru

Bill and Jean Wiederhoeft

John & Heather Clapp

Ministering in Palau


Ministering in a closed country

J & N

Ministering in a closed country

Jim & Janice Dahl

Ministering at Tyndale Seminary in the Netherlands

Tom & Barb Ward

Ministering to the Sindh people in London and beyond

Diane Eliason

Ministering Christ in Côte d’Ivoire through medicine

Dan & Esther Penney

Ministering in Senegal

Darl and Jill Powell

Missionaries in Senegal with World Venture

S & V

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South America


Europe/Middle East